I am motivated by a reverence for nature and sense of place that was surely acquired growing up on a dairy in rural northern California. The ranch where we lived extended up the western slope of Mt. St. Helena and included several lakes. It was an idyllic landscape of grassland, oak, fir and manzanita where my brothers and I engaged in frequent forays into the hills to hike, swim, fish and explore.

Years later my mother told me that at a young age I was quite keen about being able to se-hat was under the water. In hindsight, learning to scuba dive, studying marine science cft Humboldt State University and teaching myself underwater photography was a natural progression. After college I bought a cabin on the Russian River and with the help of m grandfather 1 a master carpenter I renovated the kitchen. The care, focus, judgment and dexterity inherent in making something by hand was transforming. I decided craft could be a career choice and went on to study photography at Brooks Institute.

Making things is the characteristic that defined who I am; photographing, cooking and woodworking,. continue to captivate me.